Curtain Conundrum

Melody sent this to a friend in an email, and I thought I would share it with the world. If you have any advise or comments, please let us know.

Good morning!

I need some decorating advise. And it seems you know what you are doing (and you offered) I thought I would ask you. So I hope you don’t mind. Here goes…

Curtains, Troy wants them up before Christmas. So here is the deal, we will have NO trim up; but when it does go up it will be a stained wood (not painted like it was before the remodel). So let us go room to room.

My overall theme that I tend to fall into or like is a simple country (no floral prints here) with a little modern here and there.

Dining – will be painted a dark blue, more navy than royal; one window; it looks out to the electric meter and the back corner of our deck, not always a nice view. So I was going to go with a sheer curtain that would let light in but hide the “view”. Should I go with window length or floor length?

Family room – will be painted a light sage green called green tea; has two HUGE windows on opposite walls. I had a traditional window length lace curtain up on one of them and the other had a lace valance. Both in white color. I am going to reuse these for now. I liked them before, when we had white painted trim. We will see what I think later on. If you still want to advise me on this please feel free!

Office/Play room – will be pained a butter yellow on one wall and light aqua/turquoise on the other walls; has two windows. What color do I go with for the curtains? What length? Valance, panel, or maybe a little higher than a cafe rod? It is the “fun” room so any ideas on this would be great!

Living room – will be painted a deep vibrant currant red, not a brown or brick or a cherry red. (good luck imagining that one) There are three windows all on the same wall; eventually a fire place in the corner. So I was going to do all the same window treatment. They are on the front of the house and if you look in them you can now see all the way through our dining room into the kitchen. I was going to go with a nice crocheted valance in an ivory/cream color so that it keeps the room light and airy. But now I wonder if I should do something more with privacy in mind?

Finally – an overall question for you……our windows are a white vinyl, our trim will be a mid toned stained pine. One concern I have is if a cream/ivory colored window treatment look weird on a white vinyl window? Should I opt for the white or another color instead?

whew! There you have it…and it is just about the windows!!!!!!!!!!
If you have any ideas or advise, please let me know! Thanks much, Mel 🙂

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