11:44 PM

As of 11:44 PM Sunday, we were ready for the sheet rock to be delivered, and the workers to start hanging it. And since the delivery truck was scheduled to show up at 7:30 AM this morning, that means we finished with just under 8 hours to spare. I took a few pictures of the cleaned and finished first floor, and will hopefully get those up in the next couple days.

Thank you to Tojo for giving us his time on Sunday. Thanks also to Tom, for coming in in an emergency to help finish up all the loose ends. With as hard as you both worked on Sunday, I guess I had a few more things to do than I thought.

On a personal note, a big thank you to Melody for putting up with me these last couple of weeks, especially Sunday afternoon, when I was “stressing” a little. All your planning is paying off, and the project is in the home stretch. Thanks for your consistency and your patience.

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  1. Sounds like Sunday was a very frantic day, hopefully not panicy. Sure hope there were no hangovers to contribute to the long hectic day.
    Luv ya,
    Mom πŸ™‚

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