Our cat ran away…

… but came back.

Figaro (our cat) ran away last week. I was working on installing our new front door, and the door was slightly open. Figaro took advantage of the moment, and darted out into the dark and the cold.

Now Figaro has gotten out a few times previously, sometimes on purpose, but mostly accidentally. We found him (and Kase and Gus) walking around the yard on a warm summer day this past year, when Gus let Figaro out, and then Kase and Gus went after Figaro. We have also seen Tinker (our dog) barking out the window, just to discover Figaro on the other side.

But the night I was working on the door, it was pretty cold, so I just figured Figaro would come back eventually, so I didn’t even bother chasing him. Sure enough, maybe a half hour later, and long after I had forgotten he ran away, I had the door open again, when suddenly this animal darts between my legs and runs right into the dining room. I quickly recognized it as Figaro, but was immediately concerned as to what kind of animal might be chasing him and encouraging him to move that fast. As soon as I could, I got in the house and closed the door.

Figaro hasn’t escaped since, but I am sure he will get out, and come back, again in the future.

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