Pictures tonight.

I will be posting pictures tonight of the only visible change to our house from the exterior.

This past weekend, a new roof was installed over our front porch. And last night, a new front door was installed. I hope to have some descent before/after shots so you can see the changes for yourself.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit and take a look in person.

Speaking of visiting, we are in “crunch time” to get things done on our house. We have the drywallers on contract to start hanging on November 7th. Take that date and add painting, HVAC, and the floors, we should be able to squee-ee-ee-eeze in getting this project done by Christmas. So, if you have any spare time over the next two weeks, come on over and give us a hand. There are tasks of all sizes, for all skill levels, even if you just want to watch Kasimir and Augustus for a few hours. Every little bit helps right now.

Two months to the day until Christmas. Have you started your shopping yet?

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