Back-to-school time.

Here are some things the Tadych family is up to as we enter back-to-school time!

Melody is getting ready with her first year on the Columbus Preschool School Board. She is the Fundraising Director, so prepare to have your wallets ready the next time you see her!

Kasimir is excited for both Preschool and Sunday School this year. He will be going three afternoons a week for Preschool. We considered enrolling him in a fall Pre-K soccer program, but he is young, and we are not ready to give up our weekends yet.

Augustus wants to go to school, but he will have to wait until next year to be old enough for Preschool. I am sure he will enjoy alone time with mommy during those fall afternoons.

And I am back in school too. I am taking a Visual Basic.NET Programming course at MATC. It is the first part of a Microsoft Visual Studio.NET© Certification. The cost of the course is not so bad, but the textbooks are outrageous! $120 for this course alone. I miss textbook rentals at UW-Platteville already.

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