Two days to 150+ miles

I am just two days away from my second MS 150 event. Nick and I are hoping to go for the 100 mile route on both Saturday and Sunday, and the decision will be made on the fly, mostly depending on how warm it is.

Route maps have been published! Click to see Saturday’s map and description and Sunday’s map and description.

I can’t tell you what time I will be where, since there are too many variables. However, I will have a good time, and I will update Melody occasionally. So, if you want to get an estimated time line, you will have to call her. And if you call my cell phone while I am on my bike, I can nearly guarantee I will not be answering it.

There is still time to donate. Click on one of the links in my previous emails about the MS Weekly Factoids. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is useful and goes to a great cause!

Finally, thank you to everybody who has helped out and wished me luck. Thanks to you, I have raised an awesome amount of money to help those affected with MS!

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