5 Feet 10 Inches

Augustus just passed two and 1/2 years old this week, so I got out a ruler and measured his height.

There are probably lots of “wives tales” about how to find the adult height of your children. But I like this one the best. If you have a boy, measure their height when they are 2 1/2 years old, then double it to get their adult height. If you have a girl, measure their height when they are 2, and then double it to get their adult height.

So, Gus checked in at 35 inches, which, when doubled, puts him at 5 feet 10 inches tall as an adult. That is not quite as tall as me, but taller than his uncle Tojo!

And, I haven’t seen that I posted when Kasimir was 2 1/2 years old (please correct me if you can find a previous post about this). Kase was 38 inches, putting him at a whopping 6 feet 4 inches as an adult. Way taller than almost all of our close family.

So, how tall will your children be?!?

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  1. I think we were onto something about Toj being hatched???? Being curled up in that egg is probably why he is so short šŸ™‚

    Hunter was 37″ at his 2 year appointment so I am thinking he will be well over 6 feet but I will have to measure him, we aren’t too far past 2 1/2…

  2. Hunter was 38 inches. Not all that surprising that he will probably tower my nieces and nephews…considering his dad is 6’3″.

  3. Josh is 6’3″? Wow, I have never felt like he was that tall, but I guess he is a few+ inches taller than me.

    So, maybe Kase and Hunter can make a good basketball team.

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