And Their Off…

The races around the block have officially begun.

We picked up training wheels for Augustus’ little bike, and he caught on with no problems whatsoever (besides that he doesn’t know how to brake yet!?!)

So, just a mere 18 days after Kase made his first trip around the block with his big bike, Gus has completed the trip and is giving his big brother a run for his money.

3680 Click here for five (of the many) pictures I shot today. Also, for those keeping count, we have crossed over the 4,000 mark for number of pictures taken with our main digital camera. (I know, only Troy cares about this, but is a milestone nonetheless.)


  1. Hi Kase/Gus – looks like fun! It’s nice to see you ride your big bikes.

    Troy – Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Four thousand is a big number – That’s a lot of photos!

    Love ya,
    Grandma & Papa

  2. When Gus was on his tricycle, I had to walk slow around the block to stay back by him. Now I find myself having to walk at a pretty good pace to keep up to both the boys.

    Besides around the block, we also visited several parks with them both on their bikes!

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