The Finale of the Trip Pictures

Browse through these 11 pictures to see the last set of pictures from our trip to the Carolinas. Here is the quick run through:

  1. Stingrays
  2. Pirates
  3. Sharks
  4. Tunnels
  5. Jellies
  6. Bungies
  7. Families
  8. Cows
  9. Goggles
  10. Meanies
  11. Rides

3658 Of course, you will just have to click on the picture to the left to really get a hang of all of it!


  1. Did Kase really bungie jump? That just sounds too scarey. Everything else looked like fun.

  2. Yes, Kase did really bungee (found new spelling) jump! I missed it because I was in the car while Gus was getting a nap in. But from what Kase told me (and everybody else) he had a really fun time doing it!

    I guess Grandma Amy is trying to prepare him for an adventurous life!

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