Happy Birthday Kasimir!

Kase is four years old today! It is amazing how fast time has gone.

Do you remember the “dark and stormy night” that Kasimir was born to. I know there were thunderstorms, and I think I was told afterwards that there were even tornado watches, and the emergency sirens going off.

His one year birthday party was at the park in Columbus. His first year was a busy one, with us moving to Columbus and remodeling our house. We also announced that Gus was on his way.

Years two and three have flown by. He is in Preschool and getting smarter everyday. Now, when he asks me a question, I ask it back to him to see if he knows the answer. Surprisingly, he often does!

Kase is super excited about his big birthday party this weekend. He has really been involved in planning it. He picked out the balloons and the decorations. He told us where he wanted to have the party. He helped design the invitation. And, he basically made the guest list all by himself! He talks about it every day, and always gets really excited about it.

Happy Birthday Kasimir!

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  1. AND…just today, on his birthday, for the first time, he road around the block on his big boy bike!!! (two wheels with training wheels) He is growing so fast!

  2. Happy Birthday Kase. I hope you have a wonderful birthday party. Have fun swimming with Gus and all your friends.

    Love You!
    Grandma & Papa

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