Category 7

Anybody who knows me knows what I was doing last Sunday evening, and they know what I will be doing this coming Sunday evening.

Category 7 on CBS is one of those “cheesy” made-for-TV movies, but I just can’t get enough of them. Before the first commercial break, Paris was destroyed by a Category 6 tornado storm while George Washington fell off Mount Rushmore.

Add to that some unrealistic flying by a “no longer flying in real world” SR-71 Blackbird that tracks the storm, TV Evangelists preying on the world fears, cities being destroyed left and right, and the dreaded superstorm Category 7 that will hit Washington DC (yeah, we won’t see the big storm until this coming Sunday), it is non-stop fun.

I recommend it, just don’t take it too seriously, or seriously at all. After all, global warming can be a good thing!

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