Snow Tunnels & Deconstruction

While we were busy ripping apart our house last Saturday, Gus and Kase got some quality snow time in during their weekend stay at grandpa’s house.

3549 Click on this picture to start viewing 8 pictures from their adventures. Of note, all these pictures were taken with the boys new Kid-Tough Digital Camera.


And of course, what fun is a weekend if you don’t destroy a few things?!?
Click on this picture to see a fraction of the pictures taken on Saturday. I will be printing pictures for those people who starred in them. I know you can’t wait to get them in your scrapbooks!


And as a web site function note… Did you know that when you are browsing pictures, you can click on the left side of any picture to go to the previous picture, or click on the right side of the picture to go to the next picture? It is handy, and I highly recommend it.

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