Triple Power = cold!

All week as I drove into work, MGE’s downtown power plant (Blount Station) had smoke rising from two of its chimneys. That means two units (I think boilers 8 and 9) were generating power. Those are our biggest, our best units.

This morning, as temperatures are getting colder, three of the chimneys had smoke billowing out. I don’t have KwH statistics for our power plant or how much power is needed to support the grid, but the cold is driving more use for electricity, and Blount Station is close to running at full output (somewhere around 190 KwH Blount can produce, enough to power around 40,000 homes).

While the temperatures continue to drop this weekend, Blount should get a bit of a break as the amount of power required on a weekend is less because factories and businesses are not running.

But I won’t be surprised to see all three smokestacks doing their jobs come Monday.


Oh, yeah, and The Bears Still Suck.

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  1. Dito that the bears still suck.

    Who says we need generating plants (specifically blount street which Madison’s finest are trying to get removed)?? I’d like to see how happy people are if that wasn’t on today and they needed to “conserve”. Or through the weekend…maybe after 3 days of cold toes they would understand the need. Once again, I wish I had that magical switch for those that complain about the utilities 🙂

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