What do you know about wood?

As part of our upcoming reconstruction project, we are getting estimates on repairing, patching, and refinishing our hard wood floor in our Dining and Living Rooms.

We have had two estimates so far (oh, yeah, and one guy who was too lazy to come out, he just wanted us to tell him how it is over the phone). Obviously the two estimates are going to have different prices, and we are still waiting to see how one of them comes in, but we are not going to make our decision on cost alone.

The biggest problem is this. The first person who came in said that our Dining Room floor is Ash and Maple (every other board). Cool. Now the second guy came in, and he says we have Light Birch and Dark Birch (every other board), but all Birch (but not Birch in the middle pattern). I know nothing about wood, but I expected these guys to know. At least I expected some consistency with what they would tell me for the kind of wood we have in our house.

So, we are working on some more estimates, but feel free to guess for yourself. After all, it seems that the “pros” are guessing anyway.

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