Links updated

I added a new link on the right side. The mini button says “Made In Madison” and it links to Sarah’s blog. It is updated by a former co-worker of mine, and the same person we got Figaro from. In the most recent update, you can see her family enjoying their new Nintendo Wii they received for Christmas (so far, the only other person I know who has one).

Also updated the mini button image for Heather’s site, “Hunter’s Working Mom.” The new button properly reflects her new colors. (Yeah, Heather, I know you have had those new colors for some time now.)

Now that Kase and Gus are feeling better, I will have some time to update the web site with some actual Christmas pictures. Expect to see them this evening.

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  1. Sorry to hear the boys weren’t feeling good. We got through the holidays without anyone getting sick! All 7!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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