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  • ULA launches Cygnus to Space Station

    Posted on March 23rd, 2016 troy No comments

    United Launch Alliance sent the Cygnus spacecraft up for a trip to the International Space Station last night around 10pm Wisconsin time. A nice on time launch. My parents saw it while vacationing in Cape Canaveral. Lucky them.

    See the details on NasaSpaceFlight.com

  • Spring Cleats

    Posted on April 6th, 2015 troy No comments

    3 new pairs of cleats this spring. 1 set for Kase in soccer. 1 set for Gus in soccer (or as he calls it, “real football”). And a new set for me (after a dozen plus years (with a bunch of those just sitting in the closet) my old pair gave out last year). Look to the soccer fields for us this spring to see the shiny shoes. Oh, and in a surprise, Rett finally fit into a hand-me-down cleat set for his football/soccer season. Lucky guy!

  • Remember me?

    Posted on November 7th, 2014 troy No comments

    Hello! Remember me? Been a little absent from this site for a while, but maybe it will pick up again.

    Quick updates:

    • Most of the files are on the NAS. It is a QNap TS212P with 2 TB Raid 1 drives (WD RED!). Did I say that right? I’ll get some statistics ready for you.
    • Kids are loving school. Big sixth grader (real grades this year), the 4th grader (new school, same feel), and the Kindergartner (transitioned to full day school with no problem).
    • Camper arrived at the property! Can’t wait to get full use of it in 2015!
    • And I have a Christmas wish list of things for the camper too!

    I’ll be more friendly to my website, at least try to. Keep in touch!

  • Time to move the files

    Posted on February 25th, 2014 troy 2 comments

    I have a problem. I have no room left on the hard drive of the main computer in the house. Maybe my problem is that I have too many pictures. But that i s not a problem that is going away, so I have come up with another solution.

    To go into more detail, all the pictures are archived on the iMac. And iPhoto has worked great. And I have an external hard drive I use time machine on, and that has worked great too. But I need 2 things more. 1) another place to store the photos, and 2) a way for the photos to be accessed on other computers throughout the house.

    After playing around with various cloud storage options, I have come across my favorite solution. I have built a Network Attache Storage (NAS). OK, I bought the parts, and received them as parts of Christmas presents. but it was just this past weekend when I finally got it set up, and it is great. I will detail it a bit more soon.